A little more background about the Urban Armor project:

Urban Armor is a series of playful electronic wearables for women. The series arose partly out of my concern over the persistence of ideologies asserted at women in public space through advertising, architecture and socially normative behavior. I began to look for ways women could take more ownership over their personal space in public.

At the same time, I noticed trends in wearable technology seeming to target mostly wealthy, young, professionals, and focusing on functions such as data collection and social networking. I wanted to explore how wearable technology could impact a person's physical world, and help the wearers augment their personal expression and agency in public space.

I built all the pieces myself using the open-source prototyping platform Arduino, because these pieces are not products, (they'd make pretty impractical products), they are artworks. And part of the artwork is that I will make the instructions and code for every piece available online, for free. The first three pieces in the series were based on my own observations of public space in Hong Kong, where I am currently living. As I develop the series further, I hope to draw from a broader range of perspectives. Women of different ages, races, and economic groups experience public space differently, how would they use technology to augment their experience of public space, given the opportunity?

Eventually, I hope to create a library of devices, along with instructions and code, available for anyone to download. These will live at UrbanArmor.org. I'm looking for funding opportunities and potential collaborators to move the project forward. If you're interested, please contact me at info.kthartic@gmail.com